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  The Prince Carbon Fiber P-Tip Propeller
carbon prop This propeller is undoubtedly the best propeller for your aircraft that can be purchased today. It retains the same qualities of the wood P-TIP but is more efficient and durable. We use the reliable time proven wood core of hard maple and then completely enclose the blades in multiple layers of high tensile strength Carbon Fiber. The hardwood core absorbs the dangerous harmonic vibrations and benefits your airframe by smoothing the engine power pulses. The Carbon Fiber wrapping allows the airfoils sections to be thinner, reducing drag while increasing durability and locks each blade into operating at precise angles.

carbon prop The best working propeller is one that is rigid enough to allow all blades to move alike, thin at all cord sections to eliminate as much drag as possible, and strong enough to satisfy the large amounts of stress required during flight. Our wood P-TIP propeller has proven to be very effective in performance gains, but our customers have reported the Carbon Fiber P-TIP has provided even better performance.

Multiple layers of Hard Rock Maple is used throughout construction. All propeller blanks are constructed in house to control quality. Urea Formaldehyde adhesive meets Military Specifications to insure reliable operation and trouble free flying for the life of the propeller. Unless otherwise sepcified, propellers are finished in a metal prop gray color. This shade will match nearly every paint scheme. The Durability and Ultrahigh Gloss finish is a two-part Urethane, machine buffed to achieve a propeller that reflects the quality of manufacturing like no other propeller available.

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